Sunshine and Rain

The Void

on October 4, 2015

You knew it was the end
That was the last phone call
As you staggered to your bed
So that it held your fall

You couldn’t even breathe
On that never ending night
Terribly breaking apart
You clutched yourself so tight

Though there’s no noise at daybreak
It brings darkness; this dawn
You can hear the emptiness
With years of all love gone

You open your swollen eyes
And see the mess that is around
it hits you then, it wasn’t a dream
Your world is crashing down

The sound of his breathing
How your laughs sounded together
His voice in the morning
All gone. This is Nether

The song you chose to dance on
Unplayed, as you sever.
The house you planned to make a home
Will remain vacant forever.

That untanned line on your finger
Will soon be all the same
Dont have to worry how a change sounds
You get to keep your name.

A constricted throat, A stabbed heart
And nothing to fill the void
Thats what a heartbreak does to you
Thats what leaves you destroyed.


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