Sunshine and Rain

She was magic to me.

on January 25, 2015

On a tenebrous night
She would lay on her back
Stare into the vastness
Stare into the black

Get lost into those hours
Lose herself in that time
She was the darkness
But she was also the light.

A mind, so perplexed
A heart desirous of truth
For long hours she would gaze
At the horizon, when she could.

With hardly any belongings
Just a few, here and there
She walked onto her journey
Honestly, to nowhere.

How could she choose a goal?
There were far too many
Oh love! Oh family! Oh dear friends
And yes, success and money.

So she scrambled on and on and on
Life, being such a maze
But yes, there was honesty,
And passion in her ways.

The way she knew what she wanted
Also, what she did not
The way she might get a little scared
But her battles, she bravely fought

How could you then, not love her?
How could your heart not skip
Each time that she would smile that smile
How would your stomach not flip?

And yet sometimes in her sleep
In that midnight blur,
You could see her eyeballs roving
With the nightmares that plagued her.

The fears, the agony, the heartache
She carried bravely in her heart
She felt and lived through everything
So what if she was scarred?

She still loved the rainbows
She even loved the rains
And even though a grown up,
She could be a child again.

The walk for her hasn’t ended
Though she did hold my hand
And I cross my days thinking of her
And what of her, became.

Her soul wasn’t an easy one
But I’m still on my knee
Not everyone saw her sparkle
But she was magic to me.


One response to “She was magic to me.

  1. keyur says:

    Awesome work……lovely

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