Sunshine and Rain

Its a dark night tonight.

on January 25, 2015

When it hurts you so bad
And it gets hard to breathe
When your world is silent
Yet the mind only screams

When the scars on your body
Aren’t painful enough
When you feel like giving up
But you try to be tough

You try to be strong
You try to hold on
Put on a brave face
And wade into the storm

But the tide is too high
And you cant keep abreast
As you’re sucked into a vortex
Of misery and death

In times of these trials
Its hard to see hope
When you’re struggling
And crying and dying to float

You want to stop trying
And Just let it go
You wish it was possible
To flow with the flow

It doesn’t make sense
And the pieces dont fit
The soul now aches
And begs for you to quit

Im scared that I might
Not make it through the night
Might give in to this darkness
Might throw away this life.


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