Sunshine and Rain

Prayers for Grandpa.

on May 2, 2014

Breathe in.
Here, hold my hand.
I know it will be tough.
But take it easy,
Take it slow.
Gently, you must let me go.

Im not scared anymore
Im not crying.
I get violent sometimes.
But thats just my body dying.
My soul lives for you
My words of love are true.
But believe me when i tell u so,
It is time, let me go.

It will hurt
Like a million daggers
Right through your chest.
You will bleed; everyday.
Night and day. Night and day.
I will come, as gentle reminders
To tell you its okay
To remind you, that I’m okay.

Too long; this darkness
Too long; this night
Bless me by not grieving.
Let me see the light.

Oftentimes you shall not sleep
And mournful teardrops
Every second
Will slither down your cheeks.
No words will bring you solace
But remember in those times-
I never left. Im there:

Im the roses that we loved.
Im the sunshine after rains.

Im your warmth when you are alone.
Im with you, in your pain.

I promise to be there for you.
So make it easy for me.
Please be strong
Here, take my hand
Breathe out.
Set me free.


One response to “Prayers for Grandpa.

  1. ankit says:

    It’s beautiful 🙂 always wonderful reading your creations

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