Sunshine and Rain

Love can….

on April 10, 2014

When things start falling apart and don’t go where they were supposed to..we are forced to re-examine our life from a step behind and find out how and where it all went wrong.
Where did we sink ? Which path did we take ? Which bridges did we miss ? Which roads did we cross ? How did we end up in this darkness on the top of a steep cliff, where any careless step can be disastrous ?

And then sometimes, we cant do it all by ourselves. All paths appear hazy, and all bridges appear to be linking the same hills .. Too many cross roads, and no sign of directions.

At that time, we do need a hand, perhaps a shoulder too.
We need a new set of eyes, to look at things from a different perspective and explain the view.
It might take some time to trust that the hand wont let go, or that the shoulder means forever..
But for the heart that believes, love can carry you through the hardest times.


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