Sunshine and Rain

A memory.

on April 9, 2014

What is this life anyway?

A complex plethora of emotions that starts and ends at its own whims.

So fragile. So insubstantial.

One moment, you’re here. The other, you’re gone.

Like thin wisps of smoke into the endless air.

Just. Gone.

And what is left behind?

Mourning hearts and shattered lives.

Empty corridors. Empty wardrobes. Empty beds.

The empty chair.

The unfinished notes….

That locked drawer of secrets? you finally let it go.

The hands you promised to always hold?

They’re bare and cold.

Because you leave them alone.

The many hopes and promises which were unfulfilled?

It matters to those who grieve behind you.

They will remember the things you said.

The colours you liked.

The sound of your laugh.

The way you danced.

or the clothes you wore.

What made you and what broke you.

They are reminded of this everyday of their lives.

Every second.

The empty holes in their hearts will never be complete.

The minute it will try to heal,

Your favourite song will play

and they will go spinning down the memory lane.

There you remain. Hung as a memory.

A photograph, on the walls of time.


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