Sunshine and Rain

What are you afraid of ?

on March 31, 2014

Are you afraid of the dark?
Of the stillness and the silence?
Of the shadows that seems to move around?
Are you afraid of being cold and empty?
And the presence that surrounds?
Do you try to cover your ears 
When you hear voices from within?
And drown them by that rational mind,
Saying there’s nothing of this kind.
Are you afraid of taking a step,
Fearing you might fall down?
Or are you scared that there’s no one
To lift you from the ground?

Are you afraid of this darkness? 
Does it give you a fright?

You always feared words & truth
You were afraid of sight
You were always too scared to know 
You were afraid of light.
You tried to drown your feelings inside
You thought you were always right.
They kept trying to hold you back.
But you walked towards the night. 

How can someone save your fall?
You never opened your heart.
You were afraid to love because, 
You were afraid to part.

Into the darkness you led yourself
You left the sunrays bright,
Are you afraid of the dark my dear?
Or are you afraid of light?


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