Sunshine and Rain


on March 31, 2014

How easy life would be, if there were no decisions to make. No options to choose from. Nothing to lose, in order to gain something else.
Life would be a straight journey. No sacrifices, no regrets.
No paranoia, a mind stressed over the wrong path chosen.
Never needing to think, how different life could be. Life would not be different if we didn’t have options. If would be well decided and planned in advance, with us, just puppets in the hands of time. Dust of space.
And then, we would not need a rational mind. No need to think logically. Right or Wrong.
There would be no wrongs. There would only exist the right way.
And we would live away;
at our whims and desires.
No parallel universes, No parallel lives.
Just one fixed, monotonous ride to the grave.


One response to “Choices

  1. Kanishk jain says:

    Nice thought… more of a sarcasm..!!
    “monotonous ride to grave”, not best of the things to live for..!!

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